What an Online Degree Can Mean For You

A degree can give you the tools to start your own eCommerce or repair business and beyond. An online degree can mean so many more things to you and your family than just a piece of paper or certification.  Obtaining an online degree can literally catapult your career and increase your retirement savings, all by adding some extra protection for your family that generally goes unforeseen.

Once you get your online degree there are a number of things that can happen within your career.  There first thing is obvious.  You’ll be earning more money and working your way up the corporate ladder.  This will pay dividends in the future and will hopefully make you and your family more financially stable in the long run.

One thing that many people don’t consider when they look at salaries is the benefits that come alongside some of those salaries.  The paycheck alone could be attractive but truly digging into the other benefits may outweigh that attractive salary once you really start comparing apples.

It’s no secret that most jobs that require a degree will often come along with a slew of benefits that other positions just don’t support.  Health insurance is a big benefit that most hourly employees don’t get.  If they do get health insurance benefits they probably are paying quite a bit out of their own pockets.

A good company with an attractive benefits package can lure the best and the brightest from the workforce.  Just because your salary is $80,000 dollars a year doesn’t mean it’s great if you have to turn around and steel out $8,000 a year in family health insurance coverage.

Most salaried positions also have some form of retirement savings accounts built-in or offered.  Many companies have a 401K package or a profit-sharing package that can really increase the bottom line for employees.

For instance, the last company I worked for offered a 401K with matching contributions up to 6%.  What this meant was that they would match, dollar for dollar, everything that I put into the 401K up to 6% of my salary.  If I was making 80k a year then that means I could put in $4,800 of my own money and the company would match that 100%.  Meaning that when I put in $4,800 the company would put another $4,800 in on top of that.  That’s doubling my investment automatically.

When you consider what a matching contribution like this could do over time it really adds up.  Not just the amount they put in but also the amount you could accumulating with that money wisely invested in the market.

So a good health insurance benefits package along with a matching 401K or similar system could really be the difference-maker when deciding on a new employer.  Also, and this is a big one for me, consider the vacation package.  3 weeks paid vacation can be the deal maker when compared to a company that may only give one week after you’ve been with them for a year.

Take everything into consideration.  Not just the ending salary but all of the other things that go along in the back end.  You may find that making less money is actually a whole lot more.

Exploring Online Degree Programs

Getting an online degree or finding the right place to obtain an online degree can be taxing to say the least.  Here we are going to explore some of the more popular places online to get registered and set up with your new learning program.

One thing is for certain, online degree programs aren’t cheap.  They can vary in price depending on what type of degree you are looking at getting as well as the length of time it may take you to get that degree.  Attending a university or college can sometimes be much cheaper if you have the option of commuting in or living near a college campus.

Room and board brings a whole other variable into the overall equation.  Online degree programs are usually best suitable for individuals who don’t have the time to be tied down to a set schedule of classes and courses.  Maybe they have a family that they cannot be away from for extended periods of time.  A semester-long sabbatical from family life can leave young children and significant others in the dark.

As adults get older, they feel less and less comfortable with enrolling in a school with kids more than half their age.  It can be tough enough to fit in as an adolescent or young adult, but living on campus in the dorms or an apartment complex as a grown adult can be terribly awkward with people so much younger.

Also, many or most people beyond the age of 30 are well established inside of a job or corporate position.  It’s tough to walk away from the money in a stable salary of a paying position to chase a dream in college.  That’s the beauty of an online degree program.

Online degree programs are excellent ways for adults of any age to juggle getting a degree as well as still having the same sense of normalcy in their personal lives.  In future posts, we are going to explore several of the online degree programs available and compare and contrast some of the different programs each of the offers to their student.

The University of Phoenix is quite possibly the most well known and well-accredited programs on the market.  Speaking of the market, this is why they are so well known.  A little thing called marketing.  They may teach you a thing or two about marketing if you decide to attend the University of Phoenix.

There are literally hundreds of online universities with thousands upon thousands of degree programs.  What we’ll try and do here is just explore some of the more sought after careers and give you a little bit of insight as to what your choices may be.

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