Bean Seed Maggot

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Bean Seed Maggot – Articles or blog posts Up to date: NOVEMBER ten, 2016
Bean Seed Maggot
Hylemya florilega (Meigen)

The bean seed maggot and the seedcorn maggot are very important, injurious pests of bean fields all over the condition. These maggots destruction seeds and seedlings of beans, corn, peas and different vegetable crops. Significant injury and stand reduction occurs in early planted beans.

The adult fly is l/four inch very long and resembles a residence fly in shade, but is smaller sized and much more slender. The entire developed maggot is white, l/4 inch long and lacks a visual head. The pupa is oval, reddish brown and five/l6 inch extensive.

Daily life Heritage
The everyday living cycle of the bean seed maggot has four levels – egg, larva (maggot), pupa and Grownup. It overwinters as being a pupa in soil near aged roots exactly where it formulated. Adults emerge in the spring as early beans are increasingly being planted. Females lay eggs, which hatch in less than per week, in moist soil that contains decaying plant material on which the younger maggots feed. If sprouting seeds are near, maggots are interested in them. Maggots get to total advancement (pupae phase) in two to a few weeks. Flies arise two to 3 weeks later on to start A different technology; you will discover a few to 4 generations each year.

Maggots achieving the seed as sprouting begins feed involving the cotyledons and harm the plant embryo. Seeds with damaged germs die or acquire into deformed crops which give small yields.

Maggots that assault following seeds sprout bore into the stem, ordinarily causing the plant to wither and die. In early spring, if soil is soaked and chilly in the course of seed sprout, problems is very critical.

The only real powerful process to avoid bean seed maggot damage is to deal with seed having an insecticide. Verify The latest Commercial Vegetable Production Guideline or seek advice from using your pesticide provider or county agent for information of pesticide use.

Pesticides are toxic. Read through and adhere to Instructions and safety

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